Youth Football Coaching

Youth Football Coaching – Blogger 2011

Youth Football Coaching has been my passion for almost twenty years. I started coaching youth football for the Plano Sports Authority back in 1994 when I turned 30 and before my wife and I had children. Maybe since I was a newlywed at 30, I wanted children so I started coaching youth football. As a first year little league football coach, I was the Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator for an older Head Coach with little coaching knowledge but a great people person, Blake Thompson. Our record was 6-2 and almost beat the undefeated Super Bowl Champion of our league in a 3 series overtime shoot-out during a regular season game. We wound up losing our first playoff game by one point on the one foot line with one second left and our star running back hurt on the sideline the whole second half. A score from the one foot line would have put us in the Super Bowl against the undefeated team we should have beat in the tie breaker only because I decided to go for two with a pass on the 3rd tie breaker series. I wanted to win that game not tie it. Our coaching staff won, PSA Youth Football Staff of the Year in 1994. I am still very proud of that honor!

Now after almost 20 years of coaching youth football, I still love coaching like it the first day of tryouts in 1994. I hope my blog helps you become a better youth football coach.

Play for FUN and Winning is FUNNER!

Coach Parker