Youth Football Offenses Running Plays Best Offense PlaybooksWhat are the best Youth Football Offenses?

A running offensive is the best type of pee wee youth offensive formation.  Teams under 6th grade should stay focused on the running game.  Many youth quarterbacks and receivers can not complete a pass effectively.  The sweep and off-tackle play are the best plays in youth football.  The reverse and counter are considered the pass plays or “big plays” in youth football offenses. I am partial to the following top running offensive formations for youth football teams.

Youth Football Offenses

  1. The Beast
  2. Double Wing
  3. The Spin Double Wing
  4. Single Wing
  5. Wing T
  6. Power I and I Formations

The common feature in these top youth offenses formations is a power running game.  They also lend themselves well to an unbalanced offensive line and pulling guards.  Putting more players at the point of attack is key to a winning offensive play in youth football.  Over powering the youth defense is a great little league offensive strategy.

I know many youth coaches want to run the offense that their local high school team is running.  Do not do it unless the offense is one of the above offenses focused on the run.  Many HS teams today run the Spread. The Spread offense is not a good youth offense.  The Spread requires a passing QB and practice time to perfect timing.  You will most likely not have a great passing QB nor the practice time.  If you are lucky enough to have a great passing quarterback then you may not have anyone that can catch the football.  It is hard to get both for teams under 6th grade.

You should also have an organized playbook and not just a few plays on napkins.  You want to organize your plays with blocking schemes.  An organized playbook will allow you to start calling a series of plays to set up the defense.

Youth football offenses focused on run play offensive formations are the best play books for a top youth football offense.