Youth Football Coaching

Youth Football Coaching is my passion.  I gave up golf and my other hobbies many moons ago to focus on coaching youth football.  My name is Coach Parker and I have been coaching youth football since the Fall of 1994.  I started coaching youth football before we had our two sons, and I coached many adult flag teams from college until I was too old to play competitively anymore.  I have also coached racquetball, so at heart I am a coach and a teacher. If I were to change anything in my life, I would have become a High School Teacher / Coach and or College football coach after graduating college.

I’ve been writing about coaching youth football for about 15 years on my blog; Youth Football Tips, Talk and Plays.  A few seasons ago I decided to write a youth football coaching book and this site is dedicated to helping me focus my ideas to write my pee wee football coaching books.  I have 15 youth football coaching ebooks out now and working on three to five more over the next three years.  See below for details on how to purchase my current youth football playbooks and ebooks.

Check out my latest pages added to the site:

  1. Youth Football Pistol Formation
  2. Best Youth Football Plays

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Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook

62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense Playbook

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Real Word Youth Football Coaching Advice

What can you expect from this youth football coaching website?  Real world practical and personally used proven youth football coaching tips:

  1. Football Drills for youth football players
  2. Proven plays and play books for pee wee football teams
  3. Tips and How To Articles on difficult youth football dynamics
  4. Advice that works for little league football players and parents
  5. Book / DVD Reviews on football related media
  6. Football Equipment / Product Reviews

Youth Football Coaching Manual

This site will also serve to help me write my general youth football coaching manual eBook. I have the first few chapters written now and will be updating this site to include the first few chapters of the coaching youth football book. You can find the start of the eBook on the page, Free Youth Football Coaching Basics 101.

If you have any recommendations, questions, concerns or need some personal advice about your youth football team, please contact me.

Coach Parker
Keller, Texas / DFW / Fort Worth, TX

As a side note, because many of you will ask about my winning percentage.  My winning percentage is approximately 70%.  Almost every team that I have coached has made it to the second round of playoffs or Championship Game. I have coached little league flag, 7 on 7 and pee wee tackle football in Dallas, TX, Denver, Colorado and Fort Worth, Texas metro areas since 1994.