Gap 8 Youth Football Defenses Top Best For Goal Line Stands

Gap 8 youth football defenses are top, best and great for Goal Line stands. Gap 8 defenses are also great to use with mighty mite ages 5u, 6u, and 7u. Below are three of the most common Gap 8 Youth Football Defense Formations.

Gap 8 Youth Football Defenses

In the Gap 8 Defense there are 8 defensive lineman and 3 defensive backs. The goal of the 8 man defense is to stop a short yardage play most likely run up the gut of the Defense. This is not a great passing defense.

Gap 8 Youth Football Defense

Gap 8-1 Defense

Gap 8-1 Defense youth football

Gap 8-2 Defense

Gap 8-2 Youth Football Defense

Do you use the Gap 8 Defensive packages or playbook? What do you like about the Gap 8 Defense? What youth football defense do you use? Do you use a 5-3 Defense? Let me know, I would love to hear your comments below.

For more on youth football defenses watch Coach Parker’s clinic on Youth Football Defenses.

62 Multi Defense Coach Parker

Let me know your thoughts....

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