Basic Running Technique Fundamentals for Youth Football

basic running technique

Make sure your youth football players know proper basic running technique fundamentals for youth football. I am not a track coach, but I put both my young sons at around 8 years old in track for a season or two. I highly recommend it. They will teach proper running form.

Most of the time one of the assistant coaches or dads on your youth football team ran track in high school or college. This is a great time to ask them to help with young players with little to no running form or to develop better form for all and advanced skills some of your players like your running backs.

Basic Running Technique Fundamentals

  • Sprint vs Long Distance Running
  • Stance
  • Body Position
  • Start
  • Arm Movements
  • Stride
  • Foot Strike Heel / Toe

I am not going to go over how to run and or sprint. There are a ton of books and running / sprinting training videos on YouTube. The previous video link should jump start your search on proper basic running techniques.

A few basic running technique fundamentals for football are:

  • Changing Direction
  • Running with the Football
  • Running backwards
  • Running at angles
  • Moving side to side
  • Running in traffic
  • Angle Pursuit Drills
  • How to Hold football when running

Running sounds so simple until you realize you may be coaching 6 year olds that have never been taught how to run.

basic running fundamentals

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