Master Coaching Football Fundamental Skills to Youth Players 101

Master coaching football fundamental skills to youth football players 101 is all about teaching the Proper Stance, Running, Catching, Blocking and Tackling techniques. These youth football skills are very important to teach ALL your young football players. These core youth football fundamentals will carry forward throughout your young player’s football career. These football skills are more important than any cool individual play that takes 3 weeks to install properly.

The hot new Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams, will change and evolve over time but the basic football stance, running, blocking, tackling, and the other core physical football skills are all transferable skills to higher level football programs like high school, college and the NFL.

Do not assume your players know how to run and catch the football, especially if they are 8u and under. Even if they have played football for another coach, we find many times, players new to our team have not been taught the basic football fundamental skills.

football fundamental skills for youth football players

Don’t worry that you may not run your local High School’s offense. You are still preparing your players for High School football by coaching the core Football Fundamental Skills; blocking and tackling. A losing season is almost guaranteed if your whole practices are spent implementing complex sophisticated offenses and not teaching your players how to block and tackle.

The number one issue we here from out local high school coaches about our league is that our league players do not know how to get into a proper stance 3 point stance. I know I am at fault for some of this, due to the fact I let many of my slower recreational o-lineman stay in a low 2 point stance which I call the elephant, since they are faster with their hands from a 2 point stance. I have started working on making sure everyone knows how to get into a 3 point stance at the beginning of the season even if we do not use it everyday.

3 point o line stance
3 Point O-Line Stance

Football Fundamental Skills

  • Football Stance
  • Running
  • Passing
  • Catching
  • Blocking
  • Tackling

For safety reasons, make sure your players are well prepared by coaching them up on the core Football Fundamental Skills.

Youth Football Coaching Manual

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