11 Offensive Positions in Football

Offensive Positions in Football

What are the 11 Offensive Positions in Football? Are there more positions on Offense? What are the names and where do they play. In this article on Offensive Positions on Football we will discuss offensive players.

Offensive Positions in Football

offensive positions american football

Center – Main Offensive Lineman. Lines up in the middle of the Offensive line on the Line of Scrimmage. Starts the Football Play. A key Offensive Positions in Football.

The Center is your most important offensive lineman. Every offensive play starts with your Center. A bad snap is an offensive drive staller / killer, a possible turnover and a confidence killer for your Offense.

Guards – Left and Right OG Offensive Lineman. They lineup next to the Center. Protects the Center and the Quarterback. A tough blocking and pulling Offensive Positions in Football.

Since I prefer big Centers, I like my offensive guards to be medium size and very quick footed with good hand speed. Usually in youth football the “A” gaps are filled with MPP defensive players so a good Center can handle them and let the offensive guards pull, double team with the OT or track to the LBs. The OGs also must help protect the Center on mi- line stunts and blitzes. We have a blocking call for “A” Gap LB blitzes to protect the middle, “Cannon”

Tackles – Left and Right Offensive Lineman next to Guards. Main Big Big Blockers on Offense – The Bog Blocker Offensive Positions in Football.

I like big oversized tackles with quick feet and hands. Many times, these youth football players will wind up playing FB, TE or LB, DE in High School but due to youth football weight limit rules are usually required to play offensive line. We target these skilled weight restricted players for our two starting Offensive Tackles for our youth football teams.

Tight Ends – This position can go out for a pass and block as an Offensive Lineman. Can be up to two Tight Ends and None of both Split out to Split Ends. Sometimes they move off the line of scrimmage and become an H-Back for Hybrid back between a Fullback and a Tight End. The Tough receiver Offensive Positions in Football.

The TE in youth football is another position that is suited well for slow FBs or quick OTs with good hands. If you are mainly a running team, you may want to consider your play side TE another O-Tackle and not worry about catching passes. Last season, we played a weight limited lineman only player at our play side blocking TE because he was also as fast and quick footed as a FB. He was able to handle the DEs/ OLBs without many issues which allowed us to block other players with our FB. If we threw the ball, we would throw to a slot or wing lined up next to him or threw to our backside TE.

Split Ends – are line up on the Line of Scrimmage at least 5 yards from the OTs. They are very fast receivers that substituted in for a TE. The Hands Offensive Positions in Football.

Wingbacks – Usually line up just outside the Tight End in a 1×1 alignment off the LOS. Another Hybrid type player in Offensive Positions in Football.

Wide Receivers – I line up wide receivers off the Line of Scrimmage. They are very similar to Split Ends except off the Line. Another fast hands type Offensive Positions in Football.

Halfbacks – Usually two equal type backs in a Split backfield. They are fast running backs Offensive Positions in Football.

H-Back – This is a hybrid back used in the Spread Offense. A special position type Offensive Positions in Football.

Fullback – This is a big blocking type running back from the I, Wishbone, Wing T running formations.

Tailback – This is your top running back with speed.

Quarterback – In modern football the QB is the Field General.

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I hope you enjoyed this youth football coaching article on American Offensive Positions in Football. Leave me a comment below if I left something out or you find an error. Thanks!

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