Youth Football Drills

Youth Football DrillsYouth Football Drills should be the core of your pee wee football practices.  Drill time is teaching time. I know a lot of coaches love to scrimmage. Scrimmaging has its purpose to work out any pre game kinks as a team  Drills are the core to coaching the individual youth football player.  Unlike experienced Jr High and High School players youth football players need drill time for detailed explanation and demonstrations of football fundamentals.

Youth Football Drills

  1. Oklahoma Drill
  2. Angle Tackling Drill
  3. Form Fit Tackling Drill
  4. Walk Thrus
  5. Lineman Steps
  6. Open Field Tackling
  7. Box Blocking Drill
  8. 5 on 5 Half Line
  9. Defense Pursuit
  10. Hand Off Drills

I pick 3 to 4 basic youth football drills for each practice.  I will address a specific weakness that we saw from our last practice and or game.  Drills give you an opportunity to break down a specific football fundamental. Using progression techniques to step through the fundamentals allows you to work out any kinks in the players form, execution and process.

Make sure to focus on football drills in your little league football practices. Use drill time to teach and not just scream and yell at your pee wee football players.  I usually explain the drill, demonstrate the drills, walk thru the drill with the football players, then go half speed then full speed and finally I ask if the players have any questions and demonstrate the drill again before letting them go full speed in a football drill.

Youth Football Drills are the core of your pee wee football practices. Youth football drill time is prime teaching time for pee wee youth football players.  Don’t get caught up in scrimmage mania.  Scrimmages are great to prepare for your games and evaluate players in game type situations but scrimmaging does not allow you to teach football fundamentals.  Youth football players still need a ton of coaching on the football fundamentals.  Perfect blocking and tackling in drills before playing in scrimmages.



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