6-2 Youth Football Defense Best Top Youth FB Defense Scheme

The 6-2 Youth Football Defense is a best / top youth football Defense Scheme for almost all ages in some variation and situation. It is one of the most popular youth football defenses. The 60 series of Defenses is very flexible.

6-2 Defense Youth Football Defense

6-2 youth football defense

62 Wide Tackle or Wide Tackle 6

62 Wide Tackle 6 Defense

Do you use the 62 youth football Defensive packages or playbook? What do you like about the 60 Defenses? What youth football defense do you use? Do you use a 5-3 Defense? Let me know, I would love to hear your comments below.

For more on youth football defenses watch Coach Parker’s clinic on Youth Football Defenses.

62 Multi Defense Coach Parker

Let me know your thoughts....

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