5-3 Defense Youth Football – Most Popular Youth Football Defense

5-3 defense youth football is one of the most popular youth football Defenses. It might be the most popular little league tackle football defense according to CoachParker.org youth football defense survey. Many of us played in a 5-3 defense or a 52 Monster Defense so I understand why it is so popular in youth football. It is a very good run / pass defense for youth football teams.

The 5-3 Defense youth football scheme uses a 5 man Defensive Line, 3 Linebackers, 2 Cornerbacks and one Free Safety. The 3 interior D-linemen are aligned over the Offensive Center and Tackles, either head up or shaded inside. The Linebackers are usually behind the or shaded in or outside the interior DLM. The Defensive Ends play outside the TEs and is responsible for Contain. The DBs are usually playing man and the CBs may play close to the line of scrimmage like outside linebackers if the Offense is a run heavy team. Many youth football teams will play cover 1 with the safety in a 53 at younger age groups.

5-3 Defense Youth Football

5-3 defense youth football

The 53 Defense is mainly a pursuing and containing defense vs a penetrating defense like the 62 Wide Tackle. This read type defense is not as effective with younger football players since younger players are not as good at reading flow or keys and pursuing. The 53 Defense can be effective when blitzing and stunting like its variant the 33 Stack. The 33 Stack Defense is a great addition to a base 5-3 defense youth football playbook.

Do you use the 5-3 in your Defensive packages or playbook? What do you like about the 53 Defense? What youth football defense do you use? Let me know, I would love to hear your comments below.

For more on youth football defenses watch Coach Parker’s clinic on Youth Football Defenses.

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