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coaching youth football offensive line

Coaching youth football offensive line is the most important coaching position on your youth football coaching staff.  I know many youth football coaching authors recommend that the head coach take on this responsibility.  Yes, the offensive line is that important.  I usually coach the 0-line blocking schemes and techniques.  This is one of my fortes.

The key to coaching lineman is to make them part of the football team.  Too many times, the coaching staff will focus primarily on the running backs and neglect the o-line.  If you are coaching a team without a top tier running back, then you really must teach your team how to block and figure out how to motivate them to love blocking.  I usually give 3 helmet stickers to the lineman for TDs and the Rbs only get one sticker.

I usually teach a simple angle blocking rule to start and add blocking calls as the offensive line progresses to the next. Here are my base blocking call I am using as 2013.

Coaching Youth Football Offensive Line

Offensive Line Blocking Calls

  1.  Larry and Roger – Left & Right Angle Blocking
  2. Beast or Pig – Power Unbalanced Line Right or Left
  3. GOD – Gap on Down
  4. GOO – Gap on Outside
  5. Wedge – Middle Wedge Blocking
  6. Zulu & Zebra – Zone Left and Right
  7. G-Pull – Play side guard Pulls with Fill

We also have different blocking calls for the TEs.  We may move them into a Nasty alignment and have them block

  1. Ted – Def End
  2. Bill – Nearest inside LB
  3. Carl – Corner Back
  4. Fred – – Free Safety
  5. Dan – Def Tackle
  6. Log – Seal block inside
  7. Kick-Out / PopCorn – Kickout block

Several years ago I thought why did we only teach all the skill info to the RBs and assume the o-lineman were dumb.  When that light bulb went off we really started coaching youth football offensive line and doing some interesting blocking on our offenses.  Don’t waste more than half your team by just focusing on your running backs.  Your lineman have a lot to offer your offense.

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How do you coach your o-line? What do you focus on? What are some of your o-line drills? Let me know. Leave a comment below or Contact Me.

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