10 Basic Keys to Winning Youth Football Coaching

As we discussed on the last page on youth football basics, the 10 basic keys to winning youth football games starts with Organization and Planning. And that means, if you do not know football or how to coach the sport, you must organize and plan to learn how to coach youth football, long before the season starts. Keep reading and find out what the 10 keys to winning youth football coaching mean to you.

keys to winning youth football coaching

And as an FYI, tackle youth football is not like the NFL or NCAA football or for that matter high school football. Youth tackle football is more like football from the early days of football in the 1930’s and 1940’s. So, its back to the basics of football.

Keys to Winning Youth Football Coaching

  1. Organization & Planning
  2. Coaching through teaching and demonstration
  3. Matching Offense and Defense to Talent
  4. Focus on Run not Passing
  5. Effective Practices with detail plans and high rep drills
  6. Discipline
  7. Scouting
  8. Setting High Expectations
  9. Weekly Goals / Improvements
  10. Great Recruiting / Drafting Team

First Key in the 10 Keys to Winning Youth Football Coaching – Organization and Planning!

Organization and Planning

Build Your Foundation Strong

If you are organized and very passionate about football with a willingness to learn how to coach the game of youth football then you will probably become a very successful and winning youth football coach. Like Coach Bear Bryant said in the previous quote, you must plan for everything. You must plan to succeed and your success is increased by surrounding yourself with other passionate coaches, players, and parents that have a desire to win more than lose.

Yes, I said win in reference to youth football. I would much rather win than lose. And yes, winning should be one of your goals along with developing your players. But, too many coaches make excuses for losing and say it’s all about the players and not so much winning. I hated losing as a youth football player. Your football team should always set a goal to have a winning season. Why not? When did winning become a four letter word?

Remember as a coach, you must practice and train. A coach’s practice is studying how to be a better youth football coach. Perfect Practice makes Champions. If you expect your players to give 110% then you to must give 110% not 75%. Your players do not care you work and have a family life. They go to school and are learning how to become adults. You must study and learn how to become a better youth football coach, especially during the off-season. If you are a coach that hates to study and practice, then plan to study by developing your training and practice plan for your coaching staff to attend football clinics, watch coaching videos, and or read coaching materials.

The fact that you are reading this website, tells me you are passionate about coaching youth football and you’re willing to give 110% to be successful. You may not agree with everything in this youth football coaching site and that’s OK. Seldom do I agree with everything in a coaching book or website, but take away your favorite parts of the information that you can organize into a successful plan of action for your youth football team. I wish you all the success!

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

You can also watch Coach Parker’s coaching videos on his Youth Football Coaching Clinic he has given to his local youth football league. You can also find more youth football coaching videos at Coach Parker’s YouTube Channel.

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