Increase Focus on Teaching Youth Football Fundamentals 101

Teaching youth football fundamentals in a safe environment is your main task as a youth football coach. Your top goal for each season should be to introduce and teach all your pee wee football players the basic fundamentals of football. Your team will improve quickly if all your little league football players learn the basics of football. Plus, teaching youth football fundamentals to each player makes the parents very happy, especially during a rough seasons. Increase your focus on teaching youth football fundamentals and basics will lead to a more successful team.

teaching youth football fundamentals

Main Goal; Teaching Youth Football Fundamentals

Your main goal as a youth football coach is teaching ALL the youth football players on your team the basic fundamentals of football in a safe and positive environment for them to learn. Make sure to focus on each player not just your running backs and your son. Give everyone an opportunity in practices to learn and participate. We try to let everyone try out for positions during the first week of practice. We’ve found this lessens the parent issues surrounding fair play time, especially at QB and running back positions.

During practices, many youth football coaches get very focused on their son or top skill players and forget there are about 20 other kids standing around waiting for the coach to teach them something. Make sure to have knowledgeable assistant coaches that can teach the areas that you may not be coaching. Do not waste time just focused on a few players. You are only as good as your weakest link. Yes, that player must be coached up to play too.

When my son’s were on my teams, I tried not to be my two sons main coach. I would assign another coach to teach and discipline my sons. I also developed a concept which helped me focus on the team which was to consider myself a football brother to the players since we were all playing football. Maybe if I was related to the boys I would make sure to focus on them too. This concept to me was very helpful to me mentally. Some might find it easy to think of the boys on your team as step-sons or nephews whatever works for you to make sure to give everyone on the team gets your attention and focus.

coaching youth football fundamentals / basics

Plus, I enjoyed coaching the offensive lineman which helped me focus on the majority of the players on the team. Just as an FYI many top youth football coaches will coach the o-line. You can make sure your team is teaching youth football fundamentals. If your o-lineman are coached well, then your team is usually a top team in your league.

Do not assume you or your staff know all the football fundamentals. It has been my experience, that many football Dads never played football or never really understood the fundamentals as a player or may not want to teach how you are teaching youth football fundamentals / basics. I realized a long time ago, that football changed from when I played in the 80s.

Football is always evolving. Brush up on the current football basics before the season starts. You cannot teach what you do not understand. For example; Seahawk tackling is the fundamental tackling technique that many youth football coaches are using today because of the concussion issues over the last several tears.

Core Physical Football Fundamentals

  1. Blocking
  2. Tackling
  3. Running
  4. Passing
  5. Catching
  6. Proper Football Stance

Basic Football Concepts

  1. Rules of the Game
  2. Standard Position Names
  3. Offensive Concepts
  4. Defensive Concepts
  5. Special Team Concepts


  1. How to be a Teammate
  2. How to respect your Opponent
  3. How to win and lose like a Champion
  4. How to have Fun Playing Football

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