Youth Football Offensive Formations 10 Plus

youth football offensive formations

Youth football offensive formations should focus on running the ball. Too many youth football coaches want to run a pro NFL style offense or the passing Spread offense the local High School is running. Your youth football players can run neither of these offenses well. The best youth football offenses are the early football running formations like the Single Wing Offense or Double Wing or my favorite The Beast Yale Single Wing.

What is your favorite youth football formation? How many years have you ran the formation. What did you experience? Did you pass much out of your youth football offensive formations? I passed under 10% of the time. Otherwise I felt like it was a wasted play since our completion percentage was so low. We focused on the power runs mainly. So I recommend power running youth football offensive formations for a majority of youth football teams, especially for recreational little league teams with minimum play requirements.

Youth Football Offensive Formations

Below are some of the top youth football formations run across the Nation by many youth football teams.

youth football offensive formations diagram

Here are some of my favorite youth football offensive formations.  These are really power running formations.

  1. The Beast
  2. Single Wing
  3. Double Wing
  4. The Spin
  5. Wing T
  6. Power I Formation
  7. The I Formation
  8. Wishbone
  9. I-Bone
  10. Straight T / Full House
  11. Stack I / Maryland I
  12. Wildcat Running Spread
  13. Split Back Pro Set

All of the formations are running formations and have good play action pass attacks.  I also like to run an unbalanced offensive line when I coach youth football teams.  Some players can pull but usually get lost in the shuffle of the play.  By making your line unbalanced, the power side play side is a very tough wall of blockers for the defense to overcome.

What are your favorite youth football offensive formations?

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Let me know your thoughts....

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