3-3 Stack Defense Top Best Youth Football Defense

The 3-3 Stack Defense is a top best youth football Defense. It is a fun Defense to run because of all the blitzing. If the opposing youth football Offense does not know how to block a Stack Defense then this defensive package in the 3-3 stack is so awesome.

3-3 Stack Defense

The 3-3 Stack defensive alignment is similar to the 5-3 Defense. Instead of reading the Linebackers will stack behind the interior 3 defensive lineman and usually tap blitz. The defense is like a blitzing Gap 8 Defense. Many times the Safety will come down into a Linebacker read position and the CBs will play cover two or you can invert them for 2 LBs and 1 FS. It is a risky defense but risk and reward. Many teams will run this as a blitz package vs their stand alone Defense.

3-3 stack defense diagram

Do you use the 3-3 Stack Defense in your youth football Defensive packages or playbook? What do you like and or not like about the 3-3 Stack Defense? What youth football defense do you use? Do you use a 5-3 Defense? Let me know, I would love to hear your comments below.

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