Youth Football Special Teams 3rd Key to Winning More Games

Youth football Special Teams may not be your focus on winning your pee wee football championship. Special Teams is usually the difference in score and wins in youth football games. Football has three phases; Offense, Defense and Special Teams. Top Special Teams play can make an OK football great with optimum onside kick performance, great kick off returns and no mistake punt execution on return and punt team. Remember, Practice makes perfect. Do not forget Special Teams.

youth football special teams

Too many youth football coaches, forget about youth football Special Teams. They are so focused on their 4 skill players and the Offense, Special Teams takes the 3rd place in practiced behind Defense. Both Defense and more importantly Special Team will help you win more games and mot likely your Championship game.

Here’s a quick video clinic on youth football Special Teams from out partner site.

Youth Football Special Teams

What are your youth football Special Teams goals? How many minutes a week do you practice Special Teams. Make sure you get in at least one hour or more of Special Teams each week. Also make sure to line up in Special Teams in pre-game warm-ups.

  • Kick Off – Focus on Onside Kicks
  • Kick Return – Be Ready for Onside Kicks – Hands Players Only
  • Punt – Only Punt if you must – Very Risky
  • Punt Return – Don’t Touch It Philosophy, Try to Block It
  • Point After Attempt (PAT) Kick – If worth 2pts Focus on It if you have Kicker
  • Field Goal – If you have a kicker great!
  • PAT / Field Goal Defense – Adjust Base Defense

There are 3 phases of football and Special Teams is the 3rd phase. Make sure to focus on the 3rd most important phase of the game. Mistake free special teams will help you win and or save a few close youth football games.

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