Teaching Punting Youth Football for Better Punts

teaching punting youth football

Teaching Punting youth football is not easy. Punting is a highly skilled position that is taken for granted. Here are some useful tips to coach your Punters for better Punts.

In a few early pre-practice sessions I will ask our players, who can Punt? Then I will ask those players to Punt the football to me without any instructions just to find their natural Punting motion talent and ability.

Teaching Punting Youth Football

This video Covers the Punters Stance, Steps, Foot and Body Alignment, How to receive the football, where to snap the football and where your drop table should be in your stance. Watch the video for more info….

This is a great punting teaching video from a side angle.

Below is a good 5 part series on how to Punt the football by IMG. I have sent these video out many times to my potential punters.

If you are serious about being a Punter in High School, then I would contact my friend Coach Brent Grablachoff at Kicking World for Punting lessons. Here is Punting video with a 9U punter lesson.

Here’s another punting coaching video on dropping the football.

Here’s another quick punt coaching video on keeping the proper drop angle.

Did you like the coaching videos I found on Teaching Punting Youth Football? Wat are you teaching punting youth football to your players!

There are 3 phases of football and Special Teams is the 3rd phase. Make sure to focus on the 3rd most important phase of the game. Punting is very risky so make sure you teach how to punt and punt coverage. And do not forget the Long Snap. All are very important in coaching the punt youth football team.

If you have any questions about Punting and youth football, please Contact Me anytime.

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