Wing T Formation for Youth Football Top 10 Best FB Offense

The Wing T Formation for Youth Football is one of the top 10 best football offenses for pee wee football teams playing in tackle little leagues. The Wing T takes the best of the Single Wing, Double Wing and T Formations; Power, Misdirection, Passing and Spreading out the Defense. The Wing T was developed by Coach David Nelson at Delaware and Forest Evashevksi at Iowa State . That is why you may here the Wing T called the Delaware Wing T Offense.

The Wing T is a multiple offensive system. Below are some characteristics of the system

  • Mainly Focused on Run Plays
  • Passes are Play Action mostly
  • Mirror Play Strategy w/ WB & TB
  • Mostly a Balanced Even Formation
  • Usually run Under Center
  • High Use of Misdirection
  • Traps / Kick Outs / Counters Popular
  • Buck Sweep / Belly Series Popular

Wing T Formation for Youth Football Diagram

wing t formation for youth football

In the base Wing T formation for youth football the Quarterback is under Center. The Fullback is behind the QB. The Wingback will be right or left and the TB / HB will be opposite the WB over the B gap or Offensive Guard. See diagram above for a Wing-T Left alignment. The linemen can have tight or wider splits depends on play series, players, play etc. I usually keep my youth OLM gap slits at one foot and at hole maybe at 2 or 3 feet.

More Top Youth Football Formations

Not interested in the Wing T formation for youth football, then check out other other top youth football formations run by many youth football teams in tackle leagues across the US.

  1. Single Wing
  2. Yale Single Wing Beast
  3. I Formation
  4. Double Wing
  5. Wing T
  6. T Formation / Full House T
  7. Power I
  8. Split Backs / Veer
  9. Diamond Formation
  10. Off-Set I
  11. Pistol
  12. Stack I / Maryland I
  13. Spread

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top formation plays parker
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What youth football formation and or offense do you coach? Or which is your favorite? Do you like the Wing T Formation? Let me know I would love to hear from you.

If you have any questions on the Wing T formation for youth football, please contact me or leave a comment below.

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