T Formation a Top 10 Proven Best Youth Football Offenses

The T Formation is one of the top 10 Proven best youth football Offenses run by many pee wee football teams across the US in little league tackle leagues. The T Formation is the oldest football formation. It was developed in the late 1880s by Walter Camp at Yale. Pop Warner called the formation, The Regular Formation. The T also known as the Full House T, Tight T and the Straight T is a power running formation, which is great for youth football. The Split T variation is an option based Offense which is more difficult for younger ages.

T Formation Diagram

T Formation

The Tight T formation is considered the base T. It has 2 Tight ends and all three running backs are in a Full House meaning behind the Quarterback under Center versus one split out as a Flanker or Wing. The RBs can be over the Guards or Tackles in some alignments are even shoulder to shoulder in some variations. The Offensive line gap splits are usually 6 to 12 inches in the Tight formation for the interior 5 and maybe up to 2 to 3 yards for the Tight Ends.

I really like the T Formation for youth football. It is run focused with play action passing concepts. It has double leads, ISO and good misdirection plays. And the blocking can be double teams and split blocks. All very simple and easy for a youth football team to install and learn. There is a reason that a majority of modern football formations are based off the Old T Formation.

The top play series in the Full House T Offense are the Inside Belly, Outside Belly, Power and Split T Option series. The main plays are the HB quick open Dive, the FB Dive and the Double Dive plays. I really like the Double Lead plays for youth football.

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What youth football formation and or offense do you coach? Or which is your favorite? Do you like the T Formation? Let me know I would love to hear from you.

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