Youth Football Kickoff Formations Special Teams 3 Basic KOs

youth football kickoff formations
Special Teams – Kickoff

What are you doing for your Special Teams youth football Kickoff formations? Here are 3 basic Kickoff formations. Many youth football teams will use an Onside Kick formation as their main Kickoff formation. Kicking Off deep is a risky play in youth football, especially when the other team has a few speed backs that are great open field runners. Maybe your Kickoff team does not have the speed needed or the tackling capabilities to tackle these type of running backs then the onside kick becomes a good option, especially at younger ages. Getting good at Onside Kickoffs also has a great advantage of the turnover which can alter the course of any game.

There are some pretty good books on Special Teams and here is a Book review on the Complete Guide to Special Teams.

Youth Football Kickoff Formations

Deep Kick Off

This is the Deep Kickoff formation. As you can see the Kicker kicked the football to an open space. Do not kick the football directly to one of their top receiving backs. Have your kicker and or you call the correct kick and kick formation. Yes, Special Teams can have plays just like Offense and Defense.

Deep Kickoff
Deep Kickoff

Directional Kick Off

Directional Kickoff

Onside Kick / Kickoff

Onside Kickoff Formation youth football

There are 3 phases of football and Special Teams is the 3rd phase. Make sure to focus on the 3rd most important phase of the game. Mistake free special teams will help you win and or save a few close youth football games.

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