Wishbone Offense Top 10 Best Youth Football Formation

The Wishbone Offense is one of the Top 10 Best Youth Football Formations run by many youth football teams. The Wishbone is a T Formation variation with the Fullback moved closer to the QB who is under Center. The two halfbacks are about arms length behind the Fullback maybe split offset over the guards. The formation is usually run with two tight ends but can be split out for a better passing game / plays.

The Wishbone was very popular in the 1970s and 80s. It gets it option roots from the Split-T formation. The WB Offense was very popular in Texas and Oklahoma. It is said to have been developed by a Fort Worth High School and then popularized across the country by the University of Texas and University of Oklahoma.

Wishbone Offense Formation

For youth football the Wishbone’s power running game is very effective. I would not recommend running the WB option under the age of 13 but individual double power leads and the QB Power Lead sweep is very effective in youth football leagues across the country.

Great WB plays for youth football teams form the WB offense are the QB Sneak, FB Wedge, FB Dive, TB Lead Off-Tackle, QB Keep, Pitch Sweep and TE pop pass.

Wishbone Offense Formation

Here’s University of Texas running the Wishbone Offense from 1969.

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What youth football formation and or offense do you coach? Or which is your favorite? Do you like the Wishbone Offense Formation? Let me know I would love to hear from you.

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