4-4 Defense Youth Football Best Top FB Defensive Scheme

The 4-4 Defense Youth Football package is a Best and Top youth football Defensive scheme. The 4-4 defense youth football scheme is all about linebackers. If you’re stacked with linebackers then you should consider the 4-4 Defense youth football scheme.

If you are lucky enough to have a set of 4 to 6 quality LBs then you might consider running a 4-4 or 4-4 stack as your pee wee defense.  The 4-4 is an even front defense and players can easily shift into a Gap 8 and 6-2 defense from the 4-4 defensive scheme.  This would allow you to have three different defensive formations without too many player shifting.  You would have a long yardage / passing defense with the 4-4 formation. A short yardages with the 6-2 defensive formation.  The Gap 8 is a goal line formation.  All shifting maybe 2 to 3 youth football players.

4-4 Stack or 4-4 Defense Youth Football Package

I have never successfully run a 4-4 stack in youth football.  Your outside LBs must be quick and tough to effectively play contain.  I like my OLBs up on the line in a 6-2 formation to quickly force the Running back to make a decision.  I can see at higher levels of youth football if you might be playing a passing team, the 4-4 might be a great adjustment from the 6-2.  This passing adjustment would give you great coverage in the flats with extra linebackers.

Many youth football teams will use a 5-3 Defense Youth Football package vs the 4-4 Defense.

4-4 Defense Youth Football Diagram

4-4 defense for youth football is a defense for Select teams that can selectively recruit their players and practice more than twice a week. The 4-4 defense for youth football or the 4-4 defensive formation is a good youth football defense for Select teams. The 44 defense is a D for linebackers.

4-4 defense youth football diagram

Do you use the 4-4 in your Defensive packages or playbook? What do you like about the 44 Defense? What youth football defense do you use? Let me know, I would love to hear your comments below.

For more on youth football defenses watch Coach Parker’s clinic on Youth Football Defenses.

62 Multi Defense Coach Parker

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