How to Snap a Football? 25 Top Best Videos

How to Snap a Football

Learning How to Snap a Football is the key fundamental skill for Centers. The Center Snap and Quarterback exchange is very important for the Team. The Center is the most important player on Offense, since he starts the play. Choose your Center carefully.

There are a few snaps that a Center must learn. At the youth football level you may focus on just one, but to become a complete Center, you should try to master at least 2 types of Center snaps.

  • Under Center Snap
  • Shotgun Snap
  • Long Snap
  • Directional Snap

Even within the Shotgun Snap there are different types of snaps, like the Dead ball Snap.

Over the last 5 years or so I have been collected How to Snap and How to Play Center videos. Here are a few favorites and a complete YouTube Playlist below.

How to Snap a Football – The Center Snap

How to Snap a Football – Under Center

How to Snap a Football – Shotgun Snap

How to Snap a Football – Video Playlist

I hope you enjoyed these How to Videos on Snapping the football. If you have any other videos or comments about how to snap the football and play Center, please comment below.

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