Youth Football Defensive Formations Top 10 Proven Defenses

youth football defensive formations

These are some of the 10 top best youth football defensive formations for ages 5U to 12U. What Defense do you on your youth football team; 5-3 or 6-2. The 53 is probably the most popular youth football defense followed closely by the 62 defenses like the Wide Tackle 6, 62 Tight and Split 6. The 4-4 is a close third. This defensive formation data is from a top youth football defenses poll over at See more youth football defensive formations below.

In my rec youth football league in North Texas, we see mostly run oriented Defenses. Many 62, 63, 53, and 54 formations with CBs playing tight up on the line of scrimmage with 1 safety. Most teams play man coverage. Around 11U, we will see more pass oriented Defense packages be installed. I will move into a 61, then 53, then a 43 and then to a 3-3-5 at 12U for high completion percentage pass teams. I will move in and out of these pass defenses from either a 62 or 5-2. You can check out more about my 62 Multi 8 defense. Even in Texas Rec football, a team cannot sit in one Defensive formation, in my opinion. Every Defensive formation has a weakness.

Youth Football Defensive Formations

  1. 5-3 Defense
  2. 6-2 Defense
  3. 4-4 Defense
  4. 3-3 Defense
  5. 70 Defense
  6. Gap 8 / GAM Defense
  7. 4-3 Defense
  8. 52 Monster Defense
  9. 54 Defense
  10. 3-5-3 Defense

Youth Football Defense Formation Diagrams

Below are 16 of the most common youth football Defenses.

youth football defensive formations diagram

Do you use any of these youth football defensive formations? What Defense do you run? What do you like about your Defenses?

Let me know, I would love to hear your comments below. Or Contact me.

For more on youth football defenses watch Coach Parker’s clinic on Youth Football Defenses.

62 Multi Defense Coach Parker
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