Defense Drills for Youth Football 50 Proven Defensive Drills

defense drills for youth football

Some of the best Defense Drills for Youth Football are ones that challenge the youth football player to attack the ball carrier aggressively without fear of contact to make the tackle. Below are 50 proven Defensive Drills. I have used them all as a player and as a coach. As many coaches say, football is just blocking and tackling so for Defense Drills for youth football should focus on tackling for young football players ages 5U to 12U. They also say Defense wins games so do not spend all your time with the Offense. Young players love to play Defense and hate to block. Win more games focused on Defense.

Too many coaches do not teach defensive fundamentals. Defense Drills for youth football is a controlled way to communicate, demonstrate, implement and execute key defensive fundamentals for you players to learn. Scrimmaging does not teach them the proper fundamentals. Fundamentals need to be taught during drill time and perfected with many reps then scrimmage and games.

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Defense Drills for Youth Football

  1. Stance & Alignment Drills
  2. Formation Alignment Walk thru Drills
  3. Fit & Form Drilling
  4. Hug and Hold Drills
  5. Grab Cloth Drill
  6. Shoulder Roll Tackle Drills
  7. Tackle on Pad Drill
  8. Angle Tackle Drill
  9. Helmet to Helmet Drill
  10. Oklahoma Drill
  11. Tee Time Goal Line Drill
  12. Football Strip Drill
  13. DE & LB Contain Pod
  14. Texas Swing Drill
  15. CB Man Coverage Drill
  16. 7 on 7 Coverage Drills
  17. Linebacker Read Drills
  18. Sprint Tackling Drill
  19. Monkey Rolls
  20. Rip / Swing / Hands Drills
  21. Fight for the Ball Drill
  22. Pursuit Drill
  23. Leverage Drill
  24. 2 vs 1 Drill
  25. Shed Blocker Drill
  26. Pass Defense Drills
  27. 4 Bag Shuffle Drill
  28. Zone Coverage Drills
  29. Formation Shift Drills
  30. Open Field Tackling Drills
  31. Tackle Wheel Pod
  32. Tip Ball Interception Drill
  33. Hot Pursuit Conditioning Drill
  34. Call the Hole Drill
  35. Board Drill
  36. Half Line Drill
  37. Stay Low Drill
  38. Break Down Form Tackle Drill
  39. Hustle to the Fumble Drill
  40. Pass Rush Drill
  41. Bingo Break Drill
  42. LB Reaction Drill
  43. LB / OLB Shuck Drill
  44. Cut Block Shed Drill
  45. 5 Bag Score Tackling Mirror Drill
  46. Tackle Gauntlet
  47. Sideline Tackle Drill
  48. Squash Tackle Ball
  49. Tackle Baseball Drill
  50. Bear Crawl Submarine DLM Drill
  51. Linebacker Open Window Fill / Lead Block Shed
  52. Game Simulation

What is your favorite youth football drill for Defense? Did Yours make my list? If not please share your favorite Defensive youth football drill.

For more on Defense Drills for Youth Football head over to Coach Parker’s blog post on Defensive Tackling Drills.

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