Drawing Football Plays Free – Creating Playbook in PowerPoint 5 Videos

drawing football plays

What is the best app for Drawing Football Plays for Free and Creating Playbook in PowerPoint to Win? See the 5 how to draw play videos below.

Well, I have been using Microsoft PowerPoint since 2010 to draw plays and playbooks. I switched from MS Word that I had been using about 10 years because PowerPoint had better drawing tools. All of my pdf playbooks are PowerPoint based with some MS Word, but since the 2017 I have used exclusively PowerPoint for drawing football plays and creating playbooks for CoachParker.org.

Drawing Football Plays

These first two how to draw football videos introduce you to drawing plays in PowerPoint and Google Slides. I show you how to set up PowerPoint and Google Slides to start drawing football plays. We set up a few Offensive formations as we start to create a playbook in PowerPoint in this how to drawing plays video series.

This how to draw plays video introduces you how to use the PowerPoint Drawing tool vs using objects to draw plays. I also show you how to cut and paste plays into PowerPoint. We draw plays from scratch using the PowerPoint draw tool. We then combine a standard formation template and draw the play action. Lastly, I show you haw to copy a play from my website paste it into PowerPoint then use adjust the play drawing over it or using it as a guide.

In this video we start drawing several base plays with the PowerPoint objects to set up a very organized playbook. We set up different formation templates and sections of the playbook.

In this drawing football plays video we add a Defense and draw several base Defenses. We add Defenses like the 62, 5-3, 4-4, Gap 8, 70 and 61 defense in this how to create a playbook video series.

This is part 5 and in this drawing football plays tutorial we will set up a several Defenses in the Master Template area. Then we will use these defenses against in play then copy them to find the best play to run against that Defense.

How do you draw youth football plays? Do you like drawing football plays. I know I do. What draw app do you use to draw plays?

Contact me anytime. I love to talk about youth football, coaching and drawing football plays.

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