Yale Single Wing Beast Offense Proven Top 10 Youth Formation

The Yale Single Wing is a very old offensive football formation. Most likely developed by Walter Camp at Yale in the late 1880s. The Yale Single Wing is also known today as the Beast Offense or Beast Formation. The Beast is a proven top 10 Youth Formation in my opinion. Beware of the Beast!

There are several versions of the Yale SW Beast. Below is what I call Beast Tight. There are three or four other key versions; Wide or Worm, Double Wide or Jumbo / Spread and Fat also know as Cake in my terminology. You can find a more popular and not so popular in the Beast Formation pdf.

Yale Single Wing Beast

Yale Single Wing

I run a Yale Single Wing version I call Beast. I have been running Loud Rowdy Monkey Beast since 1994 when I coached pee wee football in Plano, Texas. I got the formation from the Playmaker Football game on Apple Macintosh. We almost one the whole thing that season, we did when Coaching Staff of the Year since we made a huge impact in our age group.

Check out Coach Parker’s Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for youth football.

Below is an 8U youth football team’s game highlights running the Beast Formation aka, the Yale Single Wing. They will run a tight, wide and spread version of the Beast and run wedge, power, sweep and reverse plays from the power running formation. This formation is great for young players since it is very easy to install and remember.

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What youth football formation and or offense do you coach? Or which is your favorite? Do you like the Yale Single Wing Formation? Let me know I would love to hear from you.

If you have any questions on the Yale Single Wing formation for youth football, please contact me or leave a comment below.

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