How to Coach Winning Football

Yep, just got a few more old football books in today.  I like to find them on Amazon in the used books for less than $10.  You can find some good info in these old football books.  This afternoon, I skimmed through How to Coach Winning Football by Otto D. Unruh published in 1960.  Great book.  I wish some of the top NFL coaches would write some coaching books.  I read Rex Ryan’s 46 defense book and loved it.

I am really psyched because I am coaching offense this Spring football season and was developing a multiple offense and Coach Otto has the same formations I am planning to use; Double Wing, Single Wing and a Wing T which is similar to the offset I am planning on using. He has several plays which i have never seen before and now plan on using.   Coach Otto also uses a multiple defense similar to my 70 / 6-1 / 6-2  Multiple defense I run.  It’s always nice to find confirmation evidence of your plans.  Thanks Coach Otto.

I’ll write up a more detailed review over the next few weeks.

Coach Parker
Keller, TX / Fort Worth, Texas

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