Name Game Drill – Player / Coach Intro Game for Youth Football

The Name Game is a player coach introduction memory game. We do the Name Game in the first and or second practice to learn all the players and coaches names. For younger ages we may do a quick version in practice 3.  Not only does the Name Game help us learn all the names, it also helps us determine who our leaders might be and has the best memory for play calling and signaling in plays.  

We set up a half circle with the players shoulder to shoulder looking at the coaches with helmets off.  Sometimes we will invite the parents to stand behind their child to also learn everyone’s name and the player may introduce them if that’s what we are doing in this game.  In a loud football voice, each coach or player will come to the top of the circle and introduce themselves( First, Last and Nickname;) favorite football team, ice cream and parents. After each introduction the players will repeat the name of the person that just introduced themselves and any previous players and coaches as we go back around the introduced people.  This process is repeated until the last player is introduced. 

I can usually name everyone after the Name Game.  I will try to name everyone on the team to demonstrate it can be done.  Then I ask the players who can name everyone. I am looking for leaders to get up in front of everyone and try.  And of course who is smart.   Parents love this game when they are involved.  I give a helmet award sticker to anyone that tries with good effort.  

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