Quick Youth Football Player Interview Questions

Here are a series of quick youth football player interview questions that I might ask before try outs begin. You want to ask the questions away from their parents. You want to hear what the player has to say not their parents.

  1. Experience Seasons
  2. Position
  3. Jersey #
  4. Teams
  5. Who was the coach?
  6. Are you a QB or RB?
  7. How many TDs? Are u a Center / Shotgun?
  8. Do you like to Hit?
  9. Did you start, play some or half the game?
  10. Were you one of the best on your team?
  11. Who was the best / top 5?
  12. Were you a top hitter / tackler / blocker on your team?
  13. Do you have a brother that plays football? 
  14. Did you Dad play football?  Is your dad a coach? 
  15. What other sports do you play?
  16. Do you play any Select or travel team sports?
  17. Are you playing any other sports during football season?
  18. How much practice do you miss? 
  19. Did you miss any games last season? 
  20. Were you hurt last season?  
  21. What is 4×4 or 20+20?
  22. What kinda grades do you make in school? 
  23. Do you get in trouble at school?
  24. Does the player look you in the eyes or are they shy? 
  25. Start with Dynamic Warm ups and watch closely. 
  26. Who is engaged as does the exercises or talks all session.  

Let me know your thoughts....

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