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The Beast Offense is Great for Youth Football, Not too bad either! LOL

The Beast Offense is great for youth football for many reasons and the most important one is BLOCKING. The Beast Offense is built around great blocking by the offensive linemen and the running backs. Too many Beast Offense haters do not understand the Beast Yale Single Wing Offense just like other Single Wing Offensive systems. They claim you will never see these old football formations in the NFL, well do they watch the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs? Plus many High School teams are running more and more Beast Offense variations from my Power Wing Beast Offense Youth Football Playbook that I published in 2017.

beast offense

I think a famous coach once said that football is about Blocking and Tackling. Well the Beast Offense has the Blocking fundamentals down. Not sure what the guy writing the article for that other website hating on the Beast Offense. Are they jealous or just trying to bank on the popularity of the Beast to sell their Defenses? It looks like he might have had a rookie copyrighter write up some Search Engine Optimization based articles for his website to drive sales to his Defenses. LOL. The Beast Offense, especially in my system is way more than Rugby. Why does this guy assume we are not teaching our players real football? Haters be hating on the Beast. Just makes me smile.

I’ve been running the Beast Offense and my core Beast variations since 1994. I run more than just the Beast Tight Yale SW formation. My other Beast formation variations spread out the Beast blocking backs wider and tighter. The two main plays of the Beast Offense are the Beast Tank power off-tackle play and the Wedge play. And from there the Beast expands into endless possibilities. The Beast Offense is simple to install, learn, remember and execute by young football players plus there are few moving parts. You can find more about the Beast Offense in the Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook.

Why Run the Beast Offense?

Mainly it is an unstoppable youth football offense if blocked correctly and running backs hit the called holes. But here are 13 other reasons to install the simple youth football offense called the Beast.

13 Benefits of Running the Beast Offense

  1. More Blockers at Point of Attack – Outnumber the Defense
  2. Leverage from an Unbalanced Offensive Line – Out Flank the Defense
  3. Blocking Fundamentals are Highlighted by OLM / RBs
  4. Simple Blocking Calls – SAB / JAW
  5. Easy youth football offense to Learn Plays – Base 8, Sweet 16, Core 24
  6. Simple Installation – Week or Two if that
  7. Shotgun or Under Center Snap either work fine
  8. Multiple RBs can Learn System – Rotate Starters and Backups
  9. Evolves with Team Age and Experience
  10. Efficient with Practice Time and Highly Effective – Hard to Stop
  11. Contrarian Unique Offense – Hard to Defend
  12. Versatility and Flexibility of the Beast Offense
  13. Great Passing Game Capabilities

The Beast Offense is not bad for youth football but great for youth football teams of all ages. Some Rookie coaches struggle installing an Offense in their first season to be competitive and the Beast is a simple offense to transition into other Offenses. It is a great stepping stone into Coaching youth football offenses.

Below is the second formation in my version of the Beast Offense, the Beast Wide formation or Worm for Wide. As you can see the Beast blocking backs just move wider just outside the power Tight End. Very simple adjustment. Almost every opponent of mine will start running this Beast formation Sweep play after seeing my teams run it.

beast wide worm formation in beast offense

Below is the Beast Spread formation from my version of the Beast. I call it Beast Double Wide or Jumbo. The third main Beast formation in the PWBO system is the Double Wide Beast or Dumbo Jumbo for Double Wide. Many now call it Beast Spread. Another easy shift by the blocking backs just spread out and wider by the 2 and 3 backs. This is a great passing formation, especially Sweep Option passing or RPOs.

beast spread formation

So what do you think about the Beast Offense? Hate it or Love it? Have you ever seen the Beast in the wild yet? Have you run a version of the Beast before? I know many of my competitors hate it then run it the next season because it works so well in youth football.

Well, if you have any questions about the Beast Offense in the Power Wing Beast Offense, please contact me anytime.

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Beast Offense in Power Wing Beast Offense

Let me know your thoughts....

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