How NOT to LOSE Youth Football Games Podcast by Coach Parker

In the How Not to Lose Youth Football Games Podcast by Coach Parker, Parker asks himself why do certain youth coaches seemed to keep losing season after season.

How NOT to LOSE Coaching Youth Football #1 Reasons Why I think Youth Football Coaches Lose.
Coaching youth football is not as easy as it sounds or looks. It is like herding cats; pee wee players, their parents, your coaches, the league and fans. So many issues to deal with during a youth football season while coaching youth football teams.

  • Son played QB; “Daddy Ball”
  • Shotgun snaps inconsistent or QB / Center Exchange
  • Too many pass plays and low completion rate
  • Play calling strategy; did not run best plays, wanted to be too fancy or pass
  • Did not focus on Blocking
  • Defense was a reading Defense, and did not attack Offense

How Not to Lose Youth Football Games Podcast

What are reasons you see youth football coaches lose games? I hope you enjoyed this youth football podcast / video. Stay tuned for for more youth football podcasts as I update my training series for new and rookie pee football coaches.

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Coach Parker

2 thoughts on “How NOT to LOSE Youth Football Games Podcast by Coach Parker”

  1. Justin Michael Lofting

    I enjoyed listening to your podcast, will be honest that a real voice with proper inflections would make it an easier listen and I believe be more interesting. I too have coached youth and some high school for a bunch of years. My son is a long way from playing youth any more, so taking the Daddy Ball card off the table has the tendency to quiet down complaints, but you always have the “haters,” just looking to complain about anything, or the Hockey Parents who still think there are D-1 scouts at our practice and games.

    1. Thanks for your comments and feedback on the voice. I am still debating the auto voice. I am leaning toward your thoughts that it might be more interesting with me reading the post. Thanks again Parker

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