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This is my new podcast on New Youth Football Coach – Keys to Fun, Success and Winning. This is part of my updated Training for New Youth Football Coaches. Which is great for new, rookie inexperienced or struggling pee wee football coaches. You can find more training for youth football coaches in my original Youth Football Coaching Clinics Video Series by Coach Parker.

Training for New Youth Football Coaches

Keys to Fun, Success, & Winning Part 1

  • Organization & Planning – have a plan or plan to fail
  • Do you have 12-20 Hours a Week to commit to Coaching Youth Football?
  • Set Goals For Yourself, Staff and Team
  • Expect More from Everyone but mostly yourself
  • Do you know Football? Youth Football? Did You Play in Middle, HS College?
  • Learn Youth Football Quirks, It is not High School Football – Always Learn
  • Management Skills – managing a group of 60+ (Small Business CEO)
  • Communications – Over Communicate is a must eMail, Social Media, In Person, Ones
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What are your keys to Fun, Success and Winning as a Youth Football Coach? Did my list match yours? I hope you enjoyed this youth football podcast / video. Stay tuned for part 2 of the episode as I update my training series for new and rookie pee football coaches.

Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or contact me anytime.


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