Playing Outside Linebacker or Defensive End

Fritz Shurmur’s description of how to play the outside linebacker or defensive end whichever you call it, maybe the best I have read yet. I just got his book today The Eagle Five-Linebacker Defense, and was thumbing through it and came across his outside linebacker description. Unbelievable! I can’t wait to read more, but need to finish the Lombardi book first. I must be ADD. I’ve got 15 defensive football books on the coffee table.

Shurmur has his outside linebackers / DE and or contain men aligned 1.5 yards outside the Tight End. The they have a target mesh point in the backfield of 4 yards behind the Center. Their #1 goal is to hit the mesh point as fast as they can.

I’ve been using a similar mesh point in my 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense of 2 yards behind the deepest near back which puts the DE at the perfect mesh pitch sweep point. DEs must hit their mesh points unless they see football below them and then they will fall into the tackle from behind. DEs should never crash unless on a called stunt.

Let me know your thoughts....

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