Complete Guide to Installing 44 Split Defense by Joe Roman

One of the many defensive books in my youth football coaching library is Complete Guide to Installing the 44 Split Defense (Art & Science of Coaching)  I am not big on the 44 defense but this book has some very good general defensive coaching information, coverage explanations, communication, linebacker play and a pretty good chapter on the… Read More

Playing Outside Linebacker or Defensive End

Fritz Shurmur’s description of how to play the outside linebacker or defensive end whichever you call it, maybe the best I have read yet. I just got his book today The Eagle Five-Linebacker Defense, and was thumbing through it and came across his outside linebacker description. Unbelievable! I can’t wait to read more, but need… Read More

Coaching Football’s 46 Defense book by Ryan and Walker

One of the defensive football books that I read this summer was Coaching Footballs 46 Defense by Rex Ryan and Jeff Walker. This football coaching book is a must have for our coaching library. I love Rex Ryan. I watched him speak on one of the COOL clinic DVDs three years ago and recently on… Read More

Youth Football Defensive Football Drills – Great football drills book

I am the defensive coordinator this season for the Keller Raiders Select youth football club in Keller Texas, and I am reading a ton of defensive books this season.  Every month I buy one or two used football defensive books that are less than $10 on Amazon. I keep a few books by the TV,… Read More

Wilkinson’s Football Winning Defense Book

I recently ordered about 10 defensive football books from, and one of my favorite football books of all time is becoming Football Winning Defense, 1994 Sports Illustrated published book by Bud Wilkinson,  a member of Football’s Hall of Fame.  Coach Wilkinson coached the University of Oklahoma to 47 straight wins, an all time record. The… Read More

Gang Tackling but. …

A coaching friend of mine wanted me to remind everyone that you must play your position responsibilities before the all out “gang tackle”. You must watch the cut back. And he is right. In my defensive scheme the linebackers and free safety are assigned cut back roles. So just because I use pack tackling or… Read More

Defensive Goals – youth football

So my 2010 defensive goals for my youth football team are: 1. Score on Defense2. Limit offensive plays over 12 yards3. Create turnovers4. Control field position5. Stop opponent on Short Yardage6. Excellent field communications7. No more than 7 points allowed a game8. Hands are weapons use them Play for Fun and Winning is Funner. Sent… Read More

Youth Football Defenses

This season I am stepping into a Defensive Coordinator role again.  I missed defense last season and I am happy to be back.  I played linebacker most of my football career so Defense feels like home.  Since the two Keller youth football teams that I will be coaching this fall are under 14 years old,… Read More