Football is a Game of Legs

I’ve been reading USC’s Coach John McKay’s book, Football Coaching.  He says that he believes that football is a game of legs and the primary excercise should be running.  I tend to agreee.  If you have strong legs and a strong base then football is easier for that player.  This off-season my youngest son is… Read More

Block to the Pile

I like John Gruden’s coaching point to offensive lineman. I tell my guys the same thing. Offensive lineman should block to the tackling pile and block / peel tacklers from piling on the your running back. Don’t watch the defense pile on your teammate. Help your brother out. Have Fun and Winning is Funner. Sent… Read More

Helmet Safety article NYT

NORMAN, Okla. — Moments after her son finished practicing with his fifth-grade tackle football team, Beth Sparks examined his scuffed and battered helmet for what she admitted was the first time. She looked at the polycarbonate shell and felt the foam inside before noticing a small emblem on the back that read, “MEETS NOCSAE STANDARD.”See… Read More

Gang Tackling but. …

A coaching friend of mine wanted me to remind everyone that you must play your position responsibilities before the all out “gang tackle”. You must watch the cut back. And he is right. In my defensive scheme the linebackers and free safety are assigned cut back roles. So just because I use pack tackling or… Read More

Defensive Goals – youth football

So my 2010 defensive goals for my youth football team are: 1. Score on Defense2. Limit offensive plays over 12 yards3. Create turnovers4. Control field position5. Stop opponent on Short Yardage6. Excellent field communications7. No more than 7 points allowed a game8. Hands are weapons use them Play for Fun and Winning is Funner. Sent… Read More